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  1. With just 10 days until the Made Brighton craft and design show, I'm busy finishing jewellery, preparing my display and getting a few new pieces ready to share with visitors... I still have a couple of private view invitations as well as 2-4-1 entry vouchers available, so get in touch quickly if you'd like me to post you one!

    This year's show promises to be an extra special one, as for the first time it is combined with Brighton Art Fair. Just 50 makers have been chosen to show their work alongside that of 50 artists, so I'm feeling very lucky to have made the selection! Even more so as my Geometric Rose Necklace has made an appearance on the promotional flyers and posters:

    Made Brighton 2016


    There will be a few new additions on display as well as this windmill necklace, which is now available online. This piece actually began life as a commission for a friend of mine. She loved the windmill earrings, brooch and cufflinks, which were already part of the Square Roots collection, and wanted something similar for the bridesmaids at her beach wedding. After going through a few options, we both agreed that this pinwheel necklace design was the perfect balance between chic and fun. Happily, I can report that the bridesmaids agreed - a year on they are still wearing them nearly every day which is the best kind of compliment!

    Windmill Necklace by Alice Barnes

  2. I've been lucky enough to work on a couple of great commissions lately, both using shapes and designs found in my latest range. The Pleated collection is inspired by the angles and folds found in origami and paper sculpting, with shard-like qualities and a hint of Art Deco about it.

    The first request was for a pair of silver collar tips. They are made from two peaked segments, which mirror each other in design and are connected by a double strand of chain. It worked out so well and looked so effective that I'll be adding this design to the collection and taking it with me to Made Brighton next month!

    Pleated Collar tips by Alice Barnes Jewellery

    I was also asked to make a much more personal piece, based on a couple's love of prisms and the way in which light is refracted through them. Think of 'Dark Side of the Moon' and you'll know what we were aiming for... By all accounts the surprise gift went down a storm, and it was a real pleasure to make a piece that connected my jewellery designs with someone else's vision.

    Prism commission by Alice Barnes Jewellery