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  1. Alice Barnes Pleated Rings

    I've been working on these designs for some time, so it was thrilling to finally unleash them on my KickStart stand at International Jewellery London last week! The rings continue the theme of paper inspired pleats and folds, with a dash of Art Deco styling and contemporary edge to suit vintage lovers and geometric devotees alike.

    There are three core designs; the Pleated Fan, Pleated Petal and Pleated Bow. Choose to have yours set with a London Blue Topaz or Black Sapphire (or no stone at all in the Pleated Fan), and a matt silver finish or gold vermeil. You can of course request another type of stone, but I've chosen these in particular for their strength and colour. 

    Black is often found in Art Deco design, so the Black Sapphire sits perfectly with the aesthetic of these vintage inspired rings, especially when paired with gold vermeil. It's a Sapphire of such a dark blue that it appears black, and is quite often overlooked in jewellery. It is still one of the hardest gems though, so it's far better suited to rings than Onyx or Jet, and not nearly as dear as a diamond! Blue is a classic ring gem colour, and brings out the contemporary edge in the rings. I've always loved the depth and steeliness of a London Blue Topaz compared to Blue Sapphires or other shades of Topaz, so it was my first choice. It's a hardy gem too, so it will remain safe set in your paper inspired jewellery.

    Perfect as paper anniversary gifts, these rings are designed to be worn as dress rings and are the perfect accompaniment to any evening or occasion wear. Get in touch if you would like yours set with an alternative stone and we'll see what we can do.

  2. Alice Barnes IJL winner 2

    What an amazing time I had at International Jewellery London 2017! I've been home a day now, and I still can't quite take it all in. The big shiny award on my mantle piece keeps reminding me that it actually all happened though...

    On Sunday I was presented with the 'Industry's Choice Award' at IJL. Out of the ten KickStart exhibitors I managed to get enough votes, and impressed the judges so much with my pre-show marketing, that they thought me worthy of this incredible award; what an honour! The KickStart line up of emerging designers was outstanding this year, with innovative new designers I hadn't yet heard of and others who I have been following and admiring for some time. We were all independent jewellery designers within the first five years of business, and selected to exhibit on a group stand at the UK's top jewellery trade show. We were also given advice and support from IJL and the National Association of Jewellers, which was invaluable in the run up to such a big show. I’d recommend the initiative to any new designer who is looking for retail outlets, as it’s the perfect platform from which to introduce your work to the industry.

    The award also means that I get to return to IJL next year with a complimentary stand! So in 2018 I’ll be exhibiting in the Design Gallery with the big kids, and I absolutely cannot wait. Is it wrong that I’m looking forward to it already?? I think I’m hooked.